Top 10 Job Websites in India

NAUKRI.COM is placed at the first place in the list of top 10 job sites in India. It was started in 1997 and has captured the complete internet market. It is the part of Info Edge (India) Limited that has lauched several successful online ventures. Naukri has a database of than 3.5 Crore Registered Job Seekers and more than 11000 candidates upload their resume daily on . Company has annual revenue of Rs 500 Crore and profit was more than Rs 125 Crore.

Founded and introduced by Sanjeev Bikhchandani, known and popular as Indo Edge (India) Limited, it has been even listed on National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange of India. Gone public in 2006, this job portal is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to referring the Indian e-recruitment platform.

Providing job seekers and lookers an exclusive opportunity to look for their desirable and dream job opportunities in their preferable organizations, and apply to them, the website also proffer value added services for candidates such as resume writing from experts in the industry. As per the stats of 2015, the website is backed with a huge database of around 44 million registered and authentic job onlookers and in general about 11,000 resumes were posted on daily basis out of them more than 130,000 resumes get modified each day. In fact, according to the estimation about 51,000 corporate clients paid the website to avail added services such as advertising and listing on the website, database access and more. The core and integral part of the business corporation that is Info Edge Limited, along with Naukri, there are many other offered online recruitment businesses including Naukrigulf covering the Middle East area, Quadrangle, Firstnaukri for entry level hiring and fresher's. Adding to this, as per Comscore, the job website has been leading and ruling the online job marketplace with approximate 70% of traffic share. Till date, it has about 40 million resumes registered. Began mere as a floorless employment exchange integrated with a database of jobs, resume and recruitment consultants, over the years it has progressed and reached at the top position as a reputed job web portal very much helpful for job seekers. Following business to consumer and business to business models and prototypes, the website generates revenue through advertising and subscription fees. More than half of the revenue is usually yielded from recruiters that are business to business and other from income sources including from jobseeker value added services. Every month, it used to publish a monthly report known as Naukri JobSpeak that covers hiring activities across different cities, industry sectors and functional areas. And the monthly index of the same represents and showcases the existing picture of Indian job market.

Naukri mobile app is user friendly need candidates can download mobile app free from Google play store and simply login from their mobile app to find the right kind of job they are looking for.

·         Business model of Naukri -  Job listings and employer branding or visibility advertisements

·         Additinal Features - Resume writing, highlighting

·         Naukri Database - 42 million registered job seekers, 12,600 résumés were added daily

·         Corporate Customers - 33,700 unique corporate customers

·         Mobile Application - Mobile application for iOS and Android platforms



Second position in the list is Shine, it was started in 2008 and has been providing excellent services to companies and job seekers from last 7 years . It has a database more than 1.3 Crore Registered Job Seekers. It is the part of HT Media Limited and has listed jobs for Banking, Information Technology, Finance, Real Estate, Automobile and Aviation. To connect with , call between 9 am to 6 pm (Monday - Friday) at 0124 4326930 Or mail us at

Incepted in year 2008, it is counted among one of the country’s fastest and most innovative and emerging recruitment portals. Within such a short span of time, it has been providing more than 2 lakh job opportunities to people over the platform and has been enrolled with about 1.3 crore candidates. In fact, it is known to be the foremost service provider rendering up the change in the landscaping of hiring process by introducing Facebook hiring solutions making and devising it to be the first job website conducting the same all over the world. Adding to this, it enables online as well as offline recruiters to reach out at a large scale to the personal network of employees as well as their connections thus providing them access to a huge network of prominent and best candidates.
Moreover it also provides a platform and efficient relevance of outcomes through its big database of aspirants rendered through its 2 way unparalleled matching technology assisting users to get the jobs they deserve and aid recruiters hire quicker and prompter. Being an integral part of HT Media Limited, it is one of the biggest and most reputed names in the media marketplace as of now with its huge foothold all across digital, media and print. Also it has a global reach through its print media, known and spread as the Job supplement of Hindustan Times that makes it the only recruitment offering with an integrated online and print offering.

Alexa Rank: 1,593


INDEED.CO.IN is another famous  job site in India, it was started in the year 2004 and has a presence in more than 50 countries in the world. It is an excellent website where user can add their resume and apply to jobs free of cost. They provide excellent services and also mobile app is available . Overall it receive over 50%  traffic comes from mobile app. Its mobile app is very easy to use .

Alexa Rank: 1,726




Timesjobs is a leading job website of India that was started in 2004 by Times group. It has more than 1 Crore Registered Users and over 20,000 new candidates add their resume every day in website. It has job listed for Insurance, Information Technology, Aviation, Telecommunication, Banking, etc. Timesjobs has tieup with prominent companies of all the industry and they uses Timesjob services to capture the right talent.

Alexa Rank: 2,055




MONSTERINDIA.COM  is placed at fifth position in the list of top 10 job websites in India. It has captured huge market share of Job market and ranked at 5th position in the list of top 10 job companies of India. It is a popular and prominent online recruitment, hiring and career resource integrated with cutting edge technology providing employers relevant and apt profiles and jobseekers appropriate and prominent job opportunities screened across experience levels, industry verticals and geographies. Over 200 million users have registered at this platform operating in more than 40 number of countries, and the job portal assures and promises to render the most sophisticated, advanced and widest career management, job seeking, talent management and recruitment capabilities at a global scale. Since its inception in year 2001, the company has been headquartered in Hyderabad and has a wide presence across other 11 cities in the country including Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Cochin, Kolkata, Baroda and Chandigarh. Adding to this, in year 2014, Monster’s mPower Search has been acclaimed and acknowledged as the ‘Product of the Year’ under the ‘Online Job Portals Category’ as per the survey conducted of more than 18,000 users. Moreover, the company has partnered with DishTV so that it is easy to use TV medium to make jobs accessible to people all over internet as well as TV platform for viewers all around cities and towns, fulfilling the needs of people for whom internet access is restricted and limited. The primary job search initiative is known all over web as Monsterjobs Active. IAFPC that is Indian Air Force Placement Cell chose the Indian job portal to deliver a robust and efficient platform assisting shortly retired and retired air warriors to explore and seek for suitable career opportunities in the corporate industry. And the platform has also initiated and introduced in order to bridge the gap in between rural and skilled young people and respective job opportunities.

Because of excellent services it has won Product of the Year Award.

 Monster India has jobs listed for almost all the cites of India and of following categories Engineering, Pharmacy, Information Technology, Banking, etc.

Alexa Rank: 2,659





Freshersworld is a counted among the top 10 job sites of India and it is very popular among freshers. Company was started in 2006 and has a database of 40 Lakh Registered Users and over 1 Lakh Resumes.  All the government and private jobs which are listed for fresher’s are available in Freshers

·         Traffic - 2.50,000 unique visitors every day, 40 million page views a month

·         Database - 4 millions+ resume

·         Clients - Company works with more than 5000 corporate and some of the leading names are Facebook, Infosys, Wipro, ARM, Flipkart

·         Alexa Rank: 4,051




Careesma is another well known website that was started in 2010 and has become a leading player in job industry. It has more than 70,000 listed jobs that needed candidates cam apply simply making their profile in website.

It is a new and aspiring career platform for the job seekers all over the country catering specifically to the diverse needs of young and dynamic jobseekers as well as influential employers. Being a significant part of, that is a prominent firm specialized and skilled in the development of creative and reputed job websites all across Europe with more than a decade of experience especially in the e-recruitment sector. More than 9 million job seekers and 120,000 employers have been visiting and looking for the respective jobs and candidates over its platform from worldwide. As per the record, about 7.5 million unique users visit the site each month to seek for the relevant opportunities in every industry, job designation, and profile and at career level. The platform is there to make your hiring process simpler than ever could be possible. The proven, cutting edge and intuitive application tool create the basis of a simple, crystal clear and thoroughly professional procedure for the candidates as well as recruiters. Considered simply more than web job classifieds online portal, the company highly believes to proffer an interactive and robust marketplace for both recruiters and job onlookers with a mission of improvising the process for both parties. Been introduced by well known and reputed Grupo Intercom, most of the success and promising stories of the group includes, and The main objective and mission of the service provider is to make people go and work with a smile. It also assures to excel in matching the desired people with the right kind of jobs and generate millions of smiles all across each part of the world.

Alexa Rank: 6,122





Glassdoor is becoming another popular website that has company reviews, jobs information and many more. It was started in 2007 and has listed job for following fields Engineering, Marketing, Architecture, Management, etc. It also offers mobile app for Android smartphones.

It is one of the fastest and quickest growing jobs and recruitment portal. Equipped with a growing and evolving database of more than 8 million salary reports, company reviews, higher management approval ratings, advantages reviews and feedbacks and lots more, all information is shared by those prospects who knows the firm in the best way that is the employees. Along with availability of recent job opportunities, for the record no other website lets users to see actually which of the employers are looking for the hire and what actually it is like working or interviewing with the employees and how much they should earn. In addition, the mobile app of the company is also available on Android and iOS platforms. There is a Glassdoor for employers segment that proffers efficient employer branding and recruiting solutions and till date the company assisted over 2000 partners and clients to promote their employer brand to aspirants in doing research, advertise and promote their jobs to desirable candidates who might not be aware of the same.

Alexa Rank: 6,443




Fresherslive is another well known job sites that has more than 5 Lakh Registered Job Seekers. Websites has tieup with well known branded companies that use Fresherslive services to hire right candidate. Website provide job relates to Information Technology, Banking, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Management, etc.

Some key facts about website

·         It Ranked under top 600 websites in India (as per Alexa rankings)

·         50,000+ new resume registration each month

·         More than 20 lakhs Facebook fans

·         Website visited by more than 1Lakh active users every day.

·         0.5Million+ registered job seekers

·         Access to more than 2 Million job seekers

·         Alexa Rank: 8,475




Career Builder is one of the finest job sites of India. We have placed this website at the 10th position. Candidates can apply for latest jobs in Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing and Engineering and many more. Every day it acquires huge traffic from different channels. CareerBuilder is the part of TEGNA Inc. (NYSE:TGNA) and operates in United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and South America. It works with  300,000 employers around the globe and provide excellent services according to their need.

Alexa Rank: 14,326


Round One – It is one of the reliable and vastly accessed job platforms in the country. There are hundreds and thousands of people looking out for lucrative and desirable job opportunities each year but very few of them actually land up in getting them. Most of them end up in seeking desirable and apt job opportunities and some of them never ever get the opportunity to prove their worth. This platform globally reckoned as ‘Round One’ actually assures candidates to conduct an interview with the organization of their choice that is like one step a bit closer to their dream job opportunity. So now job seekers can have assured and guaranteed 30 minute phone interviews with the employees of their desirable firm and during the interview time, they will judge and evaluate whether to refer the candidate as per internal reference in the organization or not for a job that for sure prioritize the application. Organizations used to save money by going for this procedure as referral bonuses are quite cost effective as compared to recruiter fees. In this way, they also get better and efficient employees for their companies as employees in themselves take interviews that are fully aware of the culture and environment inside the company and used to screen candidates. They also help to enhance and improvise morale as most of the recruitment budget remains within the company. Incentives are provided to interviewers for each interview being conducted and also for recommending good and skilled candidates. Any of the employees can actually register and sign up over the platform as an interviewer subject to the authenticated and automated registration process. In all, the job website is not only a trustable platform to reckon for, but also is been used and accessed at a vast scale by candidates from all over the country.               



LinkedIn – It is a very acknowledged and reputed platform where candidates can look for desirable and prospective job opportunities in their domain and respective organizations. Being a popular and reliable business oriented social networking service provider, it has been introduced in year 2002 and launched in 2003 primarily and extensively been used for professional networking. In fact, as per the stats of year 2015, most of the pioneering website’s revenue comes from providing access to the information about its users to sales professionals as well as recruiters. Over the years, the website has been registered by millions of users for their professional purposes from more than 200 territories and countries. Available in about 24 language platforms including French, Arabic, English, Tagalog, Chinese, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Malay, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Indonesian, Danish, Romanian, Czech, Japanese, and Korean, as per the Quantcast statistical analysis, every month the website attracts about 65.6 million unique visitors from all over United States and more than 178.4 million visitors from all across the globe. Equipped with more than 7,600 full time employees having offices in around 30 cities worldwide, head hunters, job recruiters and personnel HR are consistently and increasingly utilizing the platform for looking out targeted and potential candidates. Making use of advanced search tools and procedures, recruiters can seek members by matching their particular keywords with just a click away. They can connect with those members by sending them request and even could mail them about any particular job opportunity they have. Along with this, recruiters have even joined different industry based groups over the platform to develop connections with experts and professionals in the same line of business.                – It is counted as one of the top notch and Indian popular governmental job website known and accessed all over the country. It provides all information related to government jobs, public sector jobs, and many other lucrative and long term profitable opportunities in one go and candidates from all over the country used to access the platform for the same. The website also lists down the whole procedure to apply for the application, give entrance examination and the necessary details related to the exam. In all, it is an extremely useful platform for job seekers looking out for government job opportunities. – It is one of the premier job sites preferred by thousands of candidates and aspirants to look for the lucrative opportunities. Feel free to register over the platform and get access to so many opportunities available in the market and start working for some of the best and leading employers of the industry. NO matter, in which state or city, you have been looking for, the platform provides job opportunities across varied domains and fields including sales, BPO, data entry, cashier, receptionist, beautician, helper, steward, delivery, driver, security, machinist, maid, cook, aayah, nurse, management, finance, engineer, IT Pro or teacher, and much more. The platform assures that it has been shaping up the way people used to hire and get hired. Assuring to seamlessly connect and associate job seekers as well as employers through this digital media, it make jobs accessible and open to everyone and make the entire process of hiring easy, simple, fast and seamless. The website has been introduced with a motto and that is actually driving it to lead, which is helping skilled and aspiring workers including delivery executives, drivers, entry level sales, nurses, BPO executives, beauticians, and much more, and provide each one of them access to prospective job opportunities. The digital platform is not just for creating and opening up job opportunities for people but also bettering their lives by offering them dignified and prestigious livelihoods. Along with helping to enable firms and households to shape up and modernize their workforce, its rapid expansion all across the country continues to bring aspirants closer to their dream opportunity and help employers to find the right people. As of stats of 2017, it has been registered with more than 5 million job aspirants in India and raised more than $ 12 m in funding from SEEK, Khosla Impact, Gray Ghost Ventures and USAID. – It is another popular recruitment and employment related site available and preferred by lots of people from all around. Specialized in providing Sarkari Naukri opportunities and employment news, it deals in diverse categories and segments. The vast line of categories offered and involved by the portal covers railways jobs, banking jobs, SSC and PSC jobs, high court jobs, police jobs, clerk jobs, stenographer jobs, data entry jobs, income tax officer jobs, metro jobs, rural development officer jobs, traffic inspector jobs, power generation jobs, PWD jobs, service selection board jobs, teaching jobs, telephone operator jobs, state road transportation jobs, ministry of defence jobs, collector office jobs, sarva shiksha abhiyan jobs, municipal corporation jobs, NRHM jobs, patwari jobs, post office jobs, forest jobs, staff nurse jobs, ordnance factory jobs etc.



Jobrapido – It is one of the most popular and reckoned job websites preferred and accessed by people in a large scale. Introduced in year 2006, it provides an opportunity assisting job seekers and aspirants all around to look for lucrative and better job opportunities. The top notch competitors of the website include Glassdoor, Adzuna, CareerBuilder, Jobomas, Getmyfirstjob, University of Illinois Alumni Career Center, Work Abroad Today, and more. As per the information, it has raised about $208.3 million in between and among their estimated 2595 employees. Collectively they have acquired more than 10 companies. Providing candidate’s opportunity to look for jobs posted over traditional job boards and on other platforms comprising employment offers, it operates and runs like a search engine. Users simply have to put down and enter job title and location and immediately you will retrieve all the vacancies information matching your search based criteria that you have posted on other prominent sites and portals. It is not even necessary to login and check out the website and opportunities on daily basis, once you reregister over the platform, you will get relevant jobs over your email. Even, you can subscribe for the job alert that will provide you the notifications on daily basis of all the vacancies meeting your criteria.           

Hirist - It is renowned and reputed as one of the leading and best job portals of the country. Used and accessed at an extensive scale, it is well known as the exclusive job portal ideal for all technology based geeks and aspiring candidates. For candidates who are looking for lucrative job opportunities in technology including Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, C, C++, Python and more, it is the best platform to seek for. The website assures to offer some of the best and promising jobs available in the technology sphere across and covering major and exclusive categories including mobile, online, UI/UX, web and enterprise involving SAP and Oracle. Adding to this, it has been assuring and promising to shake up the entire online recruitment space available across the country. So, if you wish to avail the lucrative and best possible jobs in IT as well as technology, feel free to register the platform right now. The specialities of the platform cover quality job seekers, free job posting, quality jobs, easy and simple to use and browse through different categories, PHP, C, C++, SAP, EDA, VLSI jobs opportunities and more. Considered as a leading human resources industry type, it is a privately held service provider that is set up and introduced in year 2012. Having backup staff strength of about 1 to 10 employees, it has been headquartered in New Delhi, India. No matter, whether you are looking for online, mobile or web jobs including Java, iPhone, Ruby on Rails, .Net, PHP or Python, or UI and UX product jobs including UI, UX, CSS, HTML, jQuery or Javascript, or system or product software jobs including verification, Verilog, OVM, System Verilog, Perl or DFT, or semiconductor/EDA/VLSI jobs including C, C++, Linux, C#, Embedded or VLSI, or Enterprise covering SAP and Oracle jobs involving functional consultant, SAP, Oracle, PL and SQL, SAP and ABAP, Oracle Apps or other jobs involving project management, system admin, product management or business analyst, it is the one of the top notch platform to enrol to.

Skillease – It is another highly preferable and recommended job portal of the country. Being a reputed and exclusive job website, it is like a launch pad for job seekers and aspiring candidates to get the right job opportunity and that too at the right time and place. Since its foundation, it has not only created a strong and wide customer base but also is known to work wonders with its robust networking. Adding to this, it serves as a database even for employers where the niche expertise and skills are attainable at ease and even for lease. The great services been proffered by the company includes flexi staffing services, permanent staffing services and flexi to permanent staffing solutions. The vision of the job portal is to set a benchmark in the era of recruitment as a one stop platform for employers as well as job seekers belonging from varied and diverse sectors. Along with this, the mission of the job portal is to strive and endeavour consistently for excellence in managing, sourcing and representing the right candidates backed with high calibre to its vast base of clients. Assuring to render the best recruitment support along with assisting job seekers to get prospective of their careers, it has actually become a world class and renowned staffing solution provider as compared to others. Backed with great and talented team of staffing executives, it is the top notch job portal that has established its services at a global scale meeting diverse workforce needs and prerequisites of clients in their prospective arenas. Incepted in year 2005, it has a huge base of clientele from all across and offer good networking and consulting services. A pioneering and acknowledged leader assuring to provide end to end and cutting edge CAD solutions such as sales of high end printing, training, software and scanning systems. In addition, it has a powerful and strong networking in the domains of construction, manufacturing, electronics, electrical, medical industry, information technology and education. In all, the job portal’s motto is to enable you to seek, succeed and connect.

Last Updated on 14 November 2016