Top 10 Hospital in Bangalore 2017

Manipal Hospital – Having a special and reckoned vitality in the overall healthcare industry serving especially across South India, Manipal hospital is one of the best hospitals situated in Bangalore providing 100% qualitative and world class heath care services to patients and treatments. Reputed for its clinical excellence, ethical practices and patient centricity, the hospital is among the trustable and reliable service provider of the country.

Being an important part of MEMG that is Manipal Education and Medical Group, the medical centre is a pioneering and leading group in the education field and healthcare delivery. The major emphasis and attention at the medical group is been given to create a cost efficient tertiary multispecialty care healthcare framework through its fully fledged delivery spectrum and furthermore spread and expand it to homecare. Equipped with a total number of 56 specialties all under a single platform, it assures to provide and cater enhanced health delivery services for patients all around. Over the years, it spread and emerged as a preferred and booming medical platform for patients situated at around 30 countries. More than 1.5 million patients have been treated and cured from Manipal group at both domestic and international levels. Excelling at many domains and fields, there are several specialized medical centres where people can avail comprehensive care and facility. The infrastructure is modern and state-of-art manufactured and the latest technological advancements and improvements are all attainable for patients services. The medical institute also specializes in serving robotic surgery services. With the use of modern and latest technological improvisations and advancements, the staff is able to diagnose the disease precisely and capable to render the best and world class possible treatment.

The group has been acknowledged and attained with a reputed stature and known as a reckoned leader in the healthcare industry through its consistent focus and strive in the technological advancement, quality and patient centricity. The group understands the fact that being a patient, there is so much stress and anxiety going on, and struggling with a disease is definitely a difficult thing. This is also one of the major reasons behind the medical centre catering the best possible medical services for all requirements and needs of patients. Along with offering uttermost care and services, the consistent effort is to see their patients returning home happily, safely and healthily. Being constantly voted and treated as South India’s most reliable and trustable healthcare place, the medical institute is ISO 9001:2008 been certified for all independent protocols such as nursing, clinical, diagnostics and other allied arenas along with NABH and NABL accreditation for high quality in healthcare delivery.



Narayana Hrudayalaya – Also known as Narayana Health, it is a reputed and multi speciality hospital chain serving all across India and headquartered in Bangalore. Recently, it has been awarded with the ‘Good Company’ recognition for its affordability, quality and scale. In fact, the business model of the group has become Harvard business school case study and a global healthcare service provider. Moreover, this chain of hospital is counted amongst the biggest telemedicine networks worldwide.    



M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital – Situated at the Northern part of Bangalore city, it is a one stop place for treatment, training and education. This multi speciality medical institution is 500 bedded serving to all general as well as varied unique health care requirements of the patients all over the city and country. Backed with a great panel of experts and doctors, the hospital assures and promises the best of cure and hygienic premises and surroundings for patients.    



Fortis Hospital – This hospital has a very well known and acknowledged name all across the country for providing great health care services and curing critical ailments of patients. Considered as a pioneering integrated healthcare delivery service provider catering all over the country, the different verticals of the group constitute diagnostics, hospitals and special day care speciality facilities.    



Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur – A leading and well known tertiary care facility, it proffers high end services and offerings in multiple specialities. Having a clear and transparent vision, that is to cater cost effective care, excellent and modern facilities based on patients’ requirements, it has been backed with world class doctors and nurses assuring top services. Specifically designed for catering the needs of people and constructed for optimal efficacy and comfort, all the facilities are equipped with latest technology and exclusively designed to serve effective care to patients across the city.     



Apollo Hospital – This hospital has not only a well known name but also is a world class JCI authorized multi speciality hospital serving a fully fledged range of healthcare services under the same platform. Having a vision to serve billions of lives and cure them all over the world, the group strives to bring healthcare of international level standards within the reach of each single person.

The renowned and trustable medical and healthcare platform situated at Bangalore is a multi-unit tertiary care foremost platform that has made a niche in the healthcare industry in last few years. Equipped with 250 beds, the hospital is beautifully and amazingly landscaped and spread in an area of about 2,12,000 square feet area. Been equipped with state-of-art, modern and latest technology, the unit is a powerhouse of healthcare in and around the city. Being JCI certified, the joint commission is the high standard accreditation for leading and reputed healthcare organizations. The medical staff constitutes some of the best and pioneering ones from all over the medical fraternity. Housed with more than hundred consultants and others, the institute makes use of first Y shaped stent for tracheoesophageal fistula all around the region. Highly committed and dedicated to invest and been backed with the latest medical equipments and technology, it not only makes sure that each patients gets benefitted from their knowledge and expertise but also avail services at extremely affordable prices. Some of the top-notch technology and equipments available at the hospital cover digital x-ray, navigation system to be used in surgical procedures for accuracy and preciseness, Thallium laser, Holmium laser, 64 slice CT angiogram, 1.5 Tesla MRI, 4D ultrasound for 4 dimensional sonography, low and high energy linear accelerators, Gamma camera and digital fluoroscopy. One of the specialized centres of the hospital is the MASC that is minimal access surgery centre that is skilled and committed to the practice of varied surgical techniques and approaches that are least obtrusive for patients. The end outcome is that the patient recovers safer, quicker and with lesser consequences related to the surgery. As per the reports of The Week best hospital survey, it has been positioned as the 2nd top-notch multi specialty tertiary care hospital in Bangalore. Adding to this, the mission of the hospital is to bring efficient healthcare and services of international standards and quality within the confinement of every person in a seamless manner.



  • St John Medical College Hospital – Being a very popular and reputed tertiary care medical service centre, it has been equipped with 1200 number of beds proffering super speciality and specialty services involving robust and efficient diagnostic facilities to assure the delivery of holistic and comprehensive patient care and other services. Staffed with skilled and experienced competent doctors and experts, it was founded in 1975 and at present has been equipped with 24 departments to serve special services.  



  • BGS Global Hospital – This prominent hospital is equipped with state of art 500 beds and is reckoned as a super multi specialty and multi disciplinary tertiary care facility integrated with top class doctors and nurses assuring world class services. Having preeminent and most experienced staff of surgeons and physicians, it follows cutting edge procedures and caters holistic treatment and quality healthcare.  



  • Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital – Being a prominent self governing university based in Bangalore, this hospital is a pioneering teaching hospital having accommodation of about 104 beds out of which 24 are reserved for women and 80 for men. Extra accommodation is also available and is known as the only civil medical institution available in the city till 1890.  


  • Mallya Hospital – It is the first India’s super specialty hospital that has been awarded and acknowledged with ISO 9001:2000 recognition. Based at the centre of Bangalore city, within years the hospital has grown with a considerable increase in infrastructure, bed strength, promising to render quality health care services to patients with state of art and advanced technology. Offering 24 hour support services, it proffers a complete range of specialized and routine diagnostic services to assist identify, monitor and treat ailments to attain better and efficient health care outcomes. 

Sagar Hospital – It is a reputed and trustable healthcare service provider that assures and seeks a recognized fame and popularity among both Indian and international patients for providing medical treatment services at extremely affordable prices. The doctors are highly skilled and experienced in their respective domains and the hospital boasts to offer its unparalleled human touch to the complex and critical science of healthcare. The major objective of the healthcare provider is to sustain a high and efficient degree of quality services and care for the patients looking for medical assistance. The hospital is a multi-specialty tertiary care unit equipped with about four clinics, 665 beds and extremely good surgeons and consultants that are very good in their areas and could be compared with their international peers. In a very short span of time, it has performed successful surgeries, amongst which few of them are very rare representing the innovation and advancement of latest knowledge in medical. Supported by a big chain of pharmacies from all over the country for the ease and convenience of patients, it has been well equipped with state-of-art and modern medical equipment. Adding to this, it is an ISO 9001 and NABL accredited service provider. There are many new and unique facilities available in the hospital like video conferencing could be done with relatives and others situated at any part of the world through ICU’s sophisticated and comfortable cubicles rendering a new experience to patients. The well-constructed and conceptualized nursing rooms and deluxe suites with premier quality, maintenance and hygiene aid the patients to recover easily and be in a pleasant and friendly environment.       



Jayadeva Hospital – It is a renowned tertiary care autonomous medical institute run and operated by Karnataka Government in Bangalore, India. Situated at Bannerghatta road in Bangalore, at present it has been equipped with about 530 beds and is known as a specialized centre for cardiology, pediatric cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery. Spread in an about two twin 8 storeyed building, it is one of the biggest and dedicated heart medical centres all across Asia. In fact, the new building was founded in year 2001 and was constructed within a budget of around 17 million dollars. Having 2 cardiothoracic units and 3 cardiac intensive care units, the emergency cardiology ICU bed numbers were around 42 and for cardiothoracic, 24 beds are available, all well equipped with touch panel monitors, individual ventilators, modern medical equipment, infusion pumps and powered beds. Adding to this, it is the only governmental centre in the Karnataka state that has been into providing post-doctoral courses in cardiothoracic and cardiology surgery. Along with this, it is a 600 bedded unit backed with robust and latest equipment in the form of 7 operation theatres, 5 Cath labs, and non-invasive laboratories. On an average, it has been estimated that around 800-1000 patients visit the centre each day and annually approximate 25,500 patients get treated. In addition, about 10500 coronary angiograms, 3000 open heart surgeries and 4000 surgeries involving valvuloplasties and angioplasties have been performed at the centre till date and all were successful.



Hosmat Hospital – A specialized medical centre for Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine, Arthritis and Trauma, it is a renowned and well-known 150 bedded hospital, situated around Central Bangalore in India. Including Hosmat Neurosciences and Hosmat Joint Replacement Center, at present the hospital unit is undergoing an expansion of around 500 beds that makes it one of the biggest and reckoned specialty medical units of its kind all across Asia. Formerly it was popularly known all around as the ‘accident hospital’ but with time it became as a leading center for knee replacement procedures. Afterwards, it expanded in year 2005 and now is been country’s biggest neuro and orthopaedic center. There are many procedures carried out in the hospital including fibre optic arthroscopy of different joints, surgical and medical treatment of arthritis, treatment of fractures, ligament injuries, specialized limb lengthening procedure, industrial injuries, joint replacement of hip, shoulder, knee and elbow, correction of deformities, spinal injuries and paediatric orthopaedics. Along with this, the neurology and neurosurgery department caters skull base, microsurgery, trauma work, spinal cord tumours, spine, brain surgery, nerve injuries, migraine, Parkinson disease, muscular disorder, multiple sclerosis, hemiplegia, slipped discs, Alzheimer, and many more.         


Nethradhama Superspeciality Eye Hospital , Bangalore, Karnataka, India – It is among the world class hospital reckoned for top-notch and best possible facilities paying pure attention and emphasis on providing quality eye care integrated with leading edge technology, expertise and dedicated and skilled doctors. Having a mission like ‘Leadership in the eye care domain’ and ‘Vision care par excellence’, the hospital endeavours consistently to put all its efforts to restore and boost up eye health. The core values of the premier and prestigious hospital unit is integrity, teamwork, compassion and respect and constant effort to optimize patient contentment. The medical institute assures to be amazing and throughout outstanding in delivery of services having its deep roots indulged in patients, their close ones and overall satisfaction. Began mere as a clinic in year 1994, over the years, it emerged into a super specialty eye care unit and a pioneering post graduate institute of Ophthalmology. This eye hospital is well-known and been acknowledged as the first hospital across the country that has been accredited and re-accredited by NABH that is a reputed constituent board of Quality Council of India paying entire focus on quality of care and patient safety. Also been certified as per ISO 9001:2008 standards, it has been acclaimed and awarded with several national and international awards not only for providing the best and superior standard eye care treatment but also for implementing several quality improvement projects. Along with providing excellent eye care services, the hospital is also into boosting and encouraging medical students to opt for post graduation courses and pursue career in different sub specialities of Ophthalmology.            



Sparsh Hospital – It is among one of the best and top notch tertiary care multi specialty hospital unit situated at Bangalore, India. The objective of the hospital is to be the finest and prestigious musculoskeletal care unit all over the world. Highly committed and dedicated to educate and cure their patients in the finest way possible, the medical hospital assures that the clinical practices followed are of the highest integrity and standards. The company has been leveraging benefits from the detailed research, teaching and innovation tools to cater the top class care and services within the global reach of all. In addition, the vision of the hospital is very much unique and distinct that is to serve patients highest standards of healthcare services provide safe and effective transportation mediums, offer great and affordable services and functionalities including customized and scientific rehabilitation along with committed and skilled surgical intervention solutions. In simply a very short span of time, the hospital has grown and emerged as a super specialty unit housed with more than 1000 doctors and staff having specialties across different domains and promising to cater excellent care and solutions to people from different walks of life.  


Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre (Unit of Narayana Hrudayalaya Pvt. Ltd.), Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Situated at NH Health city in Bangalore, India, it is renowned as a pioneering hospital of the country. Being NABH accredited, it is a multi specialty hospital unit backed with one of the top notch and best advanced and biggest cancer therapeutic facilities. Proffering a huge gamut of healthcare services including diagnostic facilities, medical and surgical facilities, across several clinical specialties, the hospital is a prestigious centre for solid organ transplants providing kidney, heart and liver transplants along with country’s biggest bone marrow transplant unit. Adding to this, it has always been counted as the country’s most economical and biggest healthcare service provider all set and designed to evolve as a global industry model for its capability to reconcile scale, quality, sustainable profitability, affordability, credibility and transparency. Housed with all kinds of tertiary care and super specialty facilities that the medical industry has to cater, the hospital platform is like a perfect platform for any healthcare related requirement or services a common man demands. Anyone who visits the hospital is to avail best healthcare facilities and also the focused attention by doctors and other staff. No patient is refused to get treated and cured because of the lack of funds at this centre. The founders of the medical institute decided to bring in a global revolution in the healthcare sector and following the same created this hospital.        

Patil Hospital - Located at KR Puram in Bangalore, India, it is one of the best cardiology medical centres backed up with well qualified, experienced and extremely dedicated cardiologists from all over the country. The speciality of the hospital lies in cardiology along with paediatrics. Locals of the city prefer this hospital over others to avail the impeccable services and solutions attainable at extremely cost efficient prices. Also, it has been backed with latest medical instruments and facilities, and the staff is very much dedicated to serve the top medical care services to patients. Also, it is situated at the centre of the city and extremely accessible for the people to come and get the treatment.

Republic Hospital - Located at Richmond road in Bangalore, India, it is one of the pioneering healthcare service providers proffering superior quality standards medical care to patients from more than two and a half decades. Run and been operated as per the private firm in the renowned name of Arenech Medical Enterprises Private Limited, the hospital is well known to be well equipped as per uninterrupted power back facility, huge parking space, bed lifts needed and used to easily shift patients from here and there and yes no water shortage. The canteen available at the hospital provides hygienically made clean and good food to the visitors. Known all over the city and around for providing high quality inpatient as well as outpatient services, it has approximate 94 numbers of beds for inpatients and has been categorized into special wards, deluxe rooms, individual male and female wards and semi special wards. Adding to this, there is a separate special nursery for kids connected with the maternity wards. The intensive coronary care unit is backed with 6 beds housed with all latest equipments and technology including defibrillators, cardiac monitors and respirators along with a centralized suction and oxygen facility at the hospital. Two major operation theatres are there backed with advanced pulse oxymeter, anaesthetic machines, and cardiac monitors. Also, the hospital caters emergency casualty services and trauma care related to poisoning cases, medico-legal cases and road traffic accidents round the clock. A well maintained laboratory is there fitted with a semi auto analyzer where all research and tests were conducted in a seamless way. Backed with some of the most reputed and experienced surgeons, doctors and specialists as a part of its team, the specialized services been offered at the hospital covers gynaecology, ENT, internal medicine, paediatrics, general surgery, orthopaedics, psychiatry and ophthalmology.

RG Stone Urology Centre - It is one of the biggest hospitals specializing in urology and laparoscopy services. Reckoned as the first super specialty urology medical centre that has introduced Siemens Lithotripsy in the country, it started its operations in year 1986. Foundation of the hospital has been put across Mumbai, India, and it is known to be the foremost institute that mastered the revolutionary technique of urinary stone management without any need to do surgery. After that, it proudly worked on another dynamic technology and introduced 100 watt holmium laser in 1999 that equipment has been invented in a live workshop in collaboration with the West Zone Chapter of Urology Society of India. Adding to this, it assures that in over the course of 28 years of time zone, medical equipments and instruments have been updated and upgraded at regular intervals making use of the latest technology along with the addition of new ones in order to keep up the pace with recent technological advancements and improvisations all over the world. The hospital is known to be upgraded and well equipped with latest, modern, and US FDA approved international standards equipments. Also, it has been certified as per ISO 9001:2000 certification for its striving and stringent quality management system. One of the most interesting and magnificent things about the hospital is that it has been listed by the Guinness book of world records for curing and successfully treating the largest kidney stone of about 13 cm. Being an extremely reliable healthcare service provider, its offered international standards success rate has been noticed by many insurance firms, public sector undertakings, Ministry of health and family welfare and multinationals and availed its offerings for the top class treatment of their dependants and employees.

Ramakrishna Hospital Bangalore – Renowned as city’s first private hospital, it is counted among one of the pioneering and best healthcare service providers in Bangalore, India. Started its operations in year 1970, over the course of time frame, at present, it has been running and operating about three multi functional hospital chains across the city delivering healthcare services to several institutions and organizations and individuals all across South India. Adding to this, it has been known and popular to import as well as distribute several healthcare products from all around the world. Offering outstanding and great services like 24*7 ambulance services, specialized surgery, healthcare store and pharmacy solutions, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre, diagnosis lab and imaging, diet centre and coffee shop and more, it has been also into providing sound facilities and solutions with excellent efficiency and at cost efficient prices. It has been serving people amazing healthcare facilities including hi-definition laparoscopy, labour theatre, intensive care unit, coronary care unit, x-ray institute with image intensifier television, C-arm with digital substraction Angiography and laser centering device, total body ultrasound with color Doppler facility and 2D echocardiography, clinical laboratory covering everything like pathology, frozen section, microbiology, cytology for advanced and routine blood investigations, ambulatory BP measurements, treadmill test, intelligent ECG, arthoscopy, spirometry, mammography, and GI endoscopy suite. The hospital has always trusted and believed in the superior standards and values of professional competence blended with end to end and cutting edge technology. In fact, each of its operational modules reflects the same.                     



Vikram hospital – It is one of the most popular and largest Orthopaedics healthcare service providers in Bangalore, India. The hospital has been equipped with the largest number of ICU beds including 60 and has been located at the centre of the city. Adding to this, it has been backed with 9 surgical intensive care units, 9 medical intensive care units, 12 dialysis beds, 9 intensive cardiac care units, 10 modern and advanced operation theatres, two latest cathlabs of the country, and a 24*7 pharmacy. A pioneering 225 bedded hospital, it has been located at Millers road in the city and is one of the topmost and leading hospitals of Bangalore, India. Backed with the professional and experienced panel of surgeons and experts, a vast range and criteria of musculoskeletal conditions gets treated and cured at the branch. Along with this, a comprehensive and fully fledged range of care and healthcare is been provided in order to relive pain and enhance mobility so that patients can return and enjoy active and healthy life and get back to their normal and great life. Backed up with modern and latest surgical techniques including joint sparing, custom implant selection, motion preserving techniques, minimally invasive joint replacement surgeries, cartilage repair and regeneration, along with orthopaedic trauma services, each one of them is exclusively designed to attain better, efficient results with negligible pain after the surgery been done and helps to achieve faster recovery. The sub specialities of the branch covers varied disciplines like Physiotherapy, Neurosciences, Radiology, Anaesthesiologist, Transfusion Medicine division, and Internal Medicine that works as an integrated team to serve the most end to end and profitable approach.                    



Pristine Hospital & Research Centre P.Ltd – It is one of the acknowledged and well known healthcare service providers in Bangalore, India. Being one of the modern and advanced medical as well as surgical hospitals of the city, it has started its operations in year 2004 and within a short span of time has gained popularity and trust among the people. Housed with leading and reputed surgeons from all over, it has been proffering a wide range of patient centric treatment and care at cost efficient prices. Consistently been working to stay in pace with the speedily growing and emerging healthcare by updating and enhancing skills of the experts, and doctors, the staff is well aware of the recent technology, research and advanced medical education that helps to treat patients from all over efficiently and in the best possible way. In addition, the healthcare service provider is backed with several surgical and medical specialities that are smoothly run by a panel of nurses, doctors and paramedics. The hospital has also advanced operations theatres handling critical surgeries and operations with ease.    

Sakra World Hospital It is renowned as one of the best and dedicated multi specialty hospital located in Bangalore outer ring road around Marathahalli. A super specialty and multi disciplinary 350 bedded hospital unit, the hospital is extremely dedicated to advanced medical and health care through effective and innovative services, lending and providing an environment of the best expertise and continued quality improvisation. Backed with talented and highly qualified physicians, surgeons, doctors, nursing staff and others, the hospital assures to make use of the latest medical technologies, modern clinical methods and approaches, and devise protocols in respect to enhance and improvise outcomes assuring good health of the community and people all around them. Being an integral unit of leading and renowned Takshasila Hospitals Operating Private Limited, it is well acknowledged as the country’s first and foremost multinational healthcare service provider dedicated and passionate to serve the state of art and latest medical care that improvises the life of human life. Moreover, the hospital is known to blend bigger entities providing cutting edge and recent medical technologies and advancements and make a change in the existing healthcare systems, procedures and processes. Assuring to cater good and sound health of the community, the major focus and aim of the hospital is the patients’ wellbeing and health. With all the facilities and amenities, it is known to have high end and advanced ICUs supported by devoted nurses and personal care for each bed. Moreover, the focus is towards personalized, intensive and homely care.

Rainbow Children's hospitalIt is one of the best and renowned women and children healthcare service providers boasting of its impeccable health care and services and facilities. Started its operations in year 1999, it has been more than 16 years of excellence and offerings expertise in women care, child care and fertility. In fact, known to be as the foremost child care hospital in the city, it has an excellent panel of paediatric and neonatal intensive care units, eminent and qualified doctors who have saved multiple lives of critically ill children over all the years. Since its establishment, it has serving people with full zeal and passion. Acclaimed and reckoned as the finest children hospital, it has a single motto and aim that is to serve the superior and prime standards of care for the women, new born, foetus, mother, and children all around. Making sure none should be deprived from tertiary care facility and services, it has an expert panel and team of experienced and dedicated resident specialists, consultants, fellows, paramedical personnel, well trained and housed nurses, along with motivated and trained team of part time and full time employees. Teamwork and dedication is been like soul of the hospital and the success could be known with the number of smiling faces. So, make sure to get the best possible care and services at this hospital. Adding to this, it has been ranked at the top notch sixth position in terms of infertility treatment and care across the country.

Vydehi Hospital Bangalore It is renowned as the pioneering medical and research centre located in Bangalore assuring to serve the best possible health care and education services of globalized standards. Offering a fully fledged range of general as well as super specialty services, the hospital has been conducting critical surgeries as well providing authentic and true ayurvedic experience to patients. Adding to this, it has been focusing high to render fully fledged, top notch quality and integrated medical aid and support to people. Utilizing advanced technology and research processes, it has been backed with dedicated and experienced staff, providing world class environment and amazing clinical facilities supporting education and research along with different courses in varied fields including allied sciences, medicine, nursing, dentistry and more. Moreover, it has well trained and focused personnel providing focused and committed healthcare services. The hospital has been promisingly accomplishing the motto of serving the society through its modern equipments, state of art infrastructure, and best expertise having international acclaim and recognition.

Abhaya hospital Bangalore - It is one of the reputed and famous multi specialty hospital that is been based in Bangalore, India. Founded and began its operations in year 2001, it proffers top notch quality and easily accessible and robust healthcare solutions in a caring and dedicated environment. Housed with more than 100 beds, it has been equipped with state of art and advanced facilities, ventilators and intensive care units along with a fully modern and latest operation theatre and a fully dialysis unit. The hospital is been highly dedicated and focused to serve the highest standards and quality of patient care along with assuring efficient and safe healthcare. Along with this, it has been equipped with an in house ultrasound scanning, CT scan, Doppler study and a well backed dialysis unit and integrated microbiology and pathological laboratory. The core values of the company include affordability, confidentiality, quality care and leadership. Covering groups including Abhaya Addiction Recovery Centre, Abhaya hospital and Abhaya College of Nursing, it has been providing round the clock casualty, a pharmacy and CT scan laboratory. The cutting edge and pioneering technology in the medical field is used to integrate and equip a highly dedicated, qualified, enthusiastic, experienced, well trained and committed medical aid and team along with expert paramedical staff and executives. The specialities of the hospital are de-addiction, child guidance and assessment, marital and family counselling, behavioural assessment and neuro psychological assessment. In addition, at its Department of Psychiatry, the hospital renders exhaustive, innovative, and recovery dedicated and focused solutions to assist with the mental health concerns and issues in the most sensitive and advanced way.

Acura Health Care Pvt Ltd - Based in Bangalore, India, it is a well known and popular hospital known for offering cost effective and great healthcare services and medical aid. Registered in year 2002, it has been registered as per Registrar of Companies and is been categorized as Indian Non Government company and as Company Limited by shares. At present, the hospital has about 5 active partners and associates and is been engaged highly in personal and social services activity and community. Perfect to do your routine check up, the hospital has an expert panel of doctors and others and is known to be backed with latest facilities and modern technology.

Bangalore Baptist Hospital - Began just as an outpatient clinic and hospital around rural Bangalore in a makeshift building, it started its operations in year 1973. At present, it has not only grown and expanded but is a multi specialty hospital housed with about 340 beds serving people with a motto to cater all socio economic strata of the society and lead the way in technology and quality healthcare all around the country. It is known as the first mission healthcare service provider in the country that is been accredited as per NABL and NABH. And to enable quality and premier healthcare, the hospital conducts several nursing, medical, and allied healthcare services educational programs held at both undergraduate and post graduate segments. Along with this, since year 1989, it has been governed by the Christian Medical College in Vellore. The specialities of the hospital lies across pain medicine, community health, cosmetology, dentistry, Leprosy, Dermatology, Dietetics, Emergency Medicine, Ear, Nose and Throat, Fertility and Reproductive health department, Gastroenterology, Internal medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic surgery, Paediatrics, Radiology, Surgery, Pulmonology, Vascular Surgery, Urology and Urosurgery. The other significant ones include Heart Centre, Palliative Care, Pastoral Care, Sports Medicine, Therapy, Bariatric and Preventive and Wellness unit. Over the years, the hospital dedication and focus on service and quality to humanity has been reckoned, acknowledged and recognized across the country. In addition, it aims high to render holistic and affordable medical care to all segments of the society. In 2015, it has been awarded with most promising and efficient diagnostic award, in 2014, been acclaimed with Healthcare excellence award, and much more.

List of Hospitals in Bangalore
A V Hospital| Address :  No.5 Rajaram Mohan Roy Cross Road, Bangalore |  Bangalore. Telephone: 080-22278788

Abhaya Hospital| Address :  Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore |  Bangalore. Telephone: 080-23235577

Acharya Tulsi Jain Hospital| Address :  Bangalore, Bangalore |  Karnataka. Telephone: 080-23416836

Acura Health Care Pvt Ltd| Address :  Msr Nagar, Bangalore |  Bangalore. Telephone: 080-23609999

Amrik Netralaya| Address :  Near Old Bus Stand, Bangalore |  Bangalore. Telephone: 080-24449161

Ananya Hospital| Address :  Opp.Agona Lake, Bangalore |  Bangalore. Telephone: 080-25634563

Apollo Hospitals| Address :  Rajaji Nagar 1St ‘R’ Block, Bangalore |  Bangalore. Telephone: 080-66121300

Apollo Specialty Hospital| Address :  Bangalore, Bangalore |  Karnataka. Telephone: 080-67345000

Ashraya Hospital| Address :  Crescent Road, Bangalore |  Bangalore. Telephone: 080-22203333

Ashwini Nursing Home| Address :  R.V.Road, Bangalore | 

D G Hospital| Address :  Basavanagudi, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26573802

Bangalore Baptist Hospital| Address :  Rt Nagar, Bangalore | 

Bangalore West Lions Superspecialty Hospitals| Address :  Next To Bharathi Nagar Police Station, Bangalore | 

Basavangudi Medical Centre| Address :  Magrath Road, Bangalore | 

Bhanu Nursing Home| Address :  Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore | 

Deepa Hospital| Address :  Wilson Garden, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26563865

Deepak Hospital| Address :  Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23374677

Diagram Healthcare Pvt Ltd| Address :  Opp. To Bmtc Bus Depot (Koramangala), Bangalore |  Contact: 080-4405151

Divine Speciality Hospital| Address :  4Th Cross 7 B Main, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-41615009

Dr. T.V. Ramesh Piles Hospital| Address :  Rajajinagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23527422

Dr.Malathi Manipal Hospital| Address :  J.P.Nagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26304050

Gurushree Hospital| Address :  Near Catt.Station, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-22861103

Hcg-Curie Centre Of Oncology| Address :  274/275M.K. Puttalingaiah Road, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-26696810

Gangothri Hospital| Address :  2Nd Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-23131777

Garden City Hospital| Address :  Hebbal, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-41791000

Greenview Health Care P Ltd| Address :  Malleshwaram West, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-39898969

Hcg-M.S.Ramaiah Curie Centre Of Oncology| Address :  Old Madras Road Krishna Raja Puram, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25610333

Dr.Mirlay’S Eye Care Center| Address :  Jayanagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-30804444

Dr.Ramesh Hospital| Address :  Below Uco Bank, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-41671356

Dr.Rudrappa’S Hospital| Address :  (Off:J.C.Road), Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-22121255

Fortis Hospital| Address :  Bommanohall, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-25732130

Fortis Hospitals| Address :  Prashanth Nagar, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-23489238

G G Hospital| Address :  Roadbasaveshwar Nagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23225848

Healthcare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG)| Address :  Jayanagar 7Th Block, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26654590

Healthcare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG)| Address :  Mekhri Circle, Bangalore |  Telephone: 082-23613388

Hi Tech Kidney Stone Hospital| Address :  Benson Town Post, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23530333

Hosmat Hospital| Address :  Ganganagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-41172600

Jupiter Hospital & Institute Of Cascular Surgery| Address :  Jayanagar 9Th Block, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-40091000

Kamath Nursing Home| Address :  Me Polytechnic, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23151873

Kaveri Speciality Hospital| Address :  Sheshadripuram, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-40200000

Kavya Hospital| Address :  Opp.limb, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-66214444

Koshys Hospital| Address :  Hal li Stage Indra Nagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25204457

Lakeside Medical Centre| Address :  100Ft Ring Road Btm Layout, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26684574

Leela Hospital & Diagnostic Centre| Address :  Jayanagar, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-26646202

Meridian Medical Center| Address :  Devanahall Town, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-27682385

Mysore Road Hi-Tech Hospital| Address :  Bal Airport Road, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25023588

Narayana Hrudayalaya| Address :  11Th Main Road, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23460468

Narayana Nethralya| Address :  Ramamurthynagar, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-25909853

Patil Hospital| Address :  RMV II STG, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23512666

Poornima Nursing Home| Address :  Kormangala, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-43485555

Prabha Eye Clinic & Research Centre| Address :  Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-42489999

Premier Hospital| Address :  Sampangiram Nagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-22237117

Nethra Eye Hospital – (Unit of Drishtidhama Hospitals pvt.Ltd)| Address :  Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26999850

Nova Medical Center| Address :  Ulsoor, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-25365328

Nova Medical Center Private Limited| Address :  Bsk li Stage, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26764621

Nu Hospitals Private Limited| Address :  Fraser Town, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-40608000

P.D.Hinduja Sindhi Hospital| Address :  Near Nayadahalli Bus Stop, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-32964499

Panacea Hospitals Pvt Ltd| Address :  Bommasandra Ind Area, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-27835000

Lokhandes Hospital| Address :  Kormangala, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-25538194

M.S.Ramaiah Memorial Hospital| Address :  Mathikere, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-22182929

Mallige Medical Center| Address :  Rajaram Mohan Roy Extn! Off Double Road, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-40206519

Mallya Hospital| Address :  Sampangiram Nagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-40206065

Manasa Hospital| Address :  Cross Kumar Park East Behind Sindhi School, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-22207113

Manipal Health Enterprises Private Limited| Address :  Malleshwaram, Bangalore |  Contact details: 080-23441818

Manipal Northside Hospital| Address :  Maruti Seva Nagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25462913

Manipal Polyclinic And Nursing Home| Address :  Madiwala, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25537036

Manipal Speciality Hospital| Address :  Hongasandra, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25735487

Manjushree Nursing Home Pvt Ltd| Address :  Rama Murthy Nagar, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-25658011

Mediscope Hospital| Address :  Near Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25360823

Meenakshi Ent Speciality Centre| Address :  Malleshwaram, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-23311134

Pristine Hospital & Research Centre P.Ltd| Address :  Old Madras Road, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-32003633

Rajshekar Multispeciality Hospital Pvt Ltd| Address :  Jayanagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-22444131

Raksha Multispeciality Hospital| Address :  Dinnur Main Road R.T.Nagar, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-23330185

Ramakrishna Hospital| Address :  2Nd Stage Extension, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-41354444

Rashmi Nursing Home| Address :  J.P.Nagar, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-26642164

Republic Hospital| Address :  Nandini Layout, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-23471005

Rg Stone Urology Centre| Address :  Jayanagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-40800100

S.J.Hospital| Address :  Indranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25251573

S.K. Hospital| Address :  Near Richmond Circle, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-41245450

Sagar Hospital & Diagnostic Services Pvt Ltd| Address :  Rajajinagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23121099

Sahana Hospital| Address :  Jayanagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-42888888

Sannidhi Speciality Center| Address :  Kengeri-Satellite Town, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-28485806

Sarojini Hospital| Address :  50Ft Road, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26421177

Sathya Hospital| Address :  T.Dasarahalli ‘B’, Bangalore | Telephone: 080-28396739

Seventhday Adventist Medical Centre| Address :  Kammanahalli, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25443604

Shaker Nursing Home| Address :  Frazer Town, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25360190

Sharavati Hospital| Address :  Malleswaram, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23345901

St.Martha’s Hospital| Address :  Basavanagudi, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-41503434

Suguna Hospital| Address :  Kattarehppr, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26693033

Sukruthi Eye Care Hospital| Address :  Opp. Hombe Gowda High School, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-22239433

Sumathi Nursing Home| Address :  Opp. Lbp Petrol Bunk, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-39890000

Sundar Hospital| Address :  V.V.Puram, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26676282

The Apollo Clinic & Daycare Center| Address :  Old Madras Road, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-28511011

The Bangalore Hospital| Address :  Whitefield, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-28413381

Trinity Hospital & Heart Foundation| Address :  Padmanabhnagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26792251

Vasan Eye Care Hospital – (A Unit Of Vasan Health Care Pvt Ltd) Rajaraheswarinagar| Address :  Sadashiv Nagar,

Shekar Hospital| Address :  Vijayanagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23300222

Shekar Nethralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital| Address :  Bull Temple Road, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-22429366

Shirdi Sai Hospital| Address :  J.P.Nagar, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-26593210

Shushrusha Nursing Home| Address :  Bangalore North, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-23640228

Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital| Address :  Jayanagar, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-22977267

Soukya Hospital| Address :  Krishnaraja Puram, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25610988

Sparsh Hospital| Address :  Koramangala, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-22065000

Sree Lakshmi Hospital| Address :  Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore |  Contact: 080-22275081

Sri Jayadeva Institute Of Cardiology| Address :  Malleshwaram, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23566251

Sri Ram Hospital| Address :  Mathikere, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-23372762

St.John’s Medical College Hospital| Address :  Lingarajapuram, Bangalore |  Telephone: 080-25478586


Last Updated on 8 October 2016